Job Order Contracting Your Way

JOC Needs Analysis

Let's face it, job order contracting (JOC), also known as indefinite quantity construction contract (IQCC), is not for everyone. It requires around a million dollars or more of a steady stream of repair and alteration projects to function well, staff expertise and willingness to use the system, and organizational culture to integrate it with other delivery systems. There are alternatives and hybrids that may also work if you don't meet these criteria. The best way to know is to have our experts conduct a needs analysis where we look at the type and volume of your work, staff size and experience, organizational culture, and information management systems. We document our findings in a detailed report and presentation.

JOC Review/Audit

A job order contracting review or audit is important for a young program or one that has been in use for decades. Our experts follow a rigorous process to determine if your JOC program is being managed according to your processes and procedures, and in the most efficient way based on industry standards. The difference between a review and audit is the number of projects we examine and the level of detail we provide in the final report. A review focuses on the overall program and general findings and recommendations. An audit focuses on details down the project, project manager and contractor levels.

JOC Development

 JOC Development starts with a needs analysis. It is during the needs analysis that we get to know your organization and how you want to utilize your job order contracting program. We also conduct a software review to determine if any of your current systems can be configured to manage the JOC process. We have found that most clients have software with this capability. We use this information to design an ideal JOC program for your organization that will maximize efficiency and save you money. 

JOC Support

We support all job order contracting programs at all levels from answering your phone calls to onsite support. Our experts use their decades of specific JOC experience in providing support that works. It may be a complex procedural issue or a simple question regarding the proper use of a construction task. Either way, we are there to help keep things progressing forward.

JOC Cost Data

Job Order Contracting cost data is one of the essential elements in the program. There are many choices for data, and we understand the advantages and disadvantages of them all. We can recommend several off-the-shelf options as well as customize a solution that will fit your unique organization. Customization includes task development and local prices. 

JOC Software

This is a misnomer in today's high tech world. There are many software programs in use by facility owners and contractors that are proven in different types of facilities, different types of construction, and in every construction delivery method. Whether you are using e-Builder, SAP, PeopleSoft, Trimble, PMVitals, ProCore, WinEst, Sage or any of the other software solutions for managing your real estate portfolio or construction projects, it can be configured for job order contracting. We have the knowledge and experience to configure your software so that you are managing the information that you want to manage, on the system you are using today.