A New Beginning for Job Order Contracting

Encelex was founded by Bob Coffey to provide job order contracting systems and services to facility owners and contractors. Many in the job order contracting industry remember Bob as the co-founder and former CEO of Gordian®. He developed the software, data, and services that took job order contracting from a niche solution in the early 1990's to the mainstream today.

It made sense in the 1990’s to develop software and data for job order contracting because software and data in construction were practically non-existent. Fast forward to the advances in today’s technology -  we now carry in our hands more power than we could ever fit on our desks in the 90's. While software, data, and technology have advanced significantly, job order contracting solutions have not. Great software and data solutions have been adopted by most facility owners to manage every aspect of facility management, maintenance, and repair. These same systems you already have can be used for job order contracting so why duplicate expenditures? Are you ready to simplify and streamline your JOC program to demonstrate real cost savings? 

The Encelex team members have been tracking the construction software and data industries for years and witnessed this trend for change emerge. As a result, Encelex was formed with the solution that can provide expertise in job order contracting without ties to any single proprietary system. Encelex was formed to serve facility owners and their contractors with the best services and solutions in job order contracting. We heard the request for change in the industry, and we are here to implement a cost-effective solution that meets your needs.  Take control and advance your program to a streamlined solution.

Job Order Contracting Your Way